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Interested in writing an article for us? Read on to find out how you can be published on SiteGreat.

About SiteGreat

SiteGreat is a place where you can find information on everything concerning WordPress. We provide tutorials on a wide range of WordPress-related topics: from tips for getting started and tutorials on how to customize your WordPress website, .

In addition, we are an online store that sells ready to use wordpress websites, that means we have visitors that need a ready to use website.

Ready-made WordPress site comes with everything you need to get it up and running. Hosting, security, premium theme and support are also included

Our audience varies from complete WordPress novices and aspiring bloggers to more advanced users and business professionals.

Article Requirements

Any article that is informative, well-researched and up-to-date with current WordPress trends is an article that has great chances of being published on SiteGreat.

If you wish to submit to us, your article must be:

  1. Relevant –  Keep in mind that your article should contain well-researched and accurate information, as well as compelling arguments on the topic.
    You can write about:
  • Plugin reviews and tutorials
  • Theme reviews (free and premium)
  • Tutorials concerning the WordPress core
  • Blogging tips and advice
  • SEO tips and tricks
  1. Original – when writing an article for us, keep in mind that we do not publish content that have already been published elsewhere. Any copied or reused content will immediately be declined. We will check for plagiarism, so if you want to get published with us, make sure to avoid doing this.
  2. Long : at least 1200 words or more. The more detailed your article is, the better.
  3. High-quality – High quality is a must. This means that you should take extra measures so that your article is proofread and free of grammatical errors before you submit it to us. Articles that we post must provide value to our readers, therefore low-quality articles filled with spam links won’t be accepted.
  4. Devoid of promotion – our ultimate goal is strictly to inform our audience. With that in mind, your article must not contain any promotional content. Similarly, any article that does not follow Google’s link guidelines won’t get published on our site.
  5. Equipped with external links – every article must contain relevant references that back up the claims made in the text. This gives your article more credibility, and it’s also good for Search Engine Optimization. When submitting an article to us, see that it has at least 4 external links. Just make sure that the external links you’ll be including provide related, high-quality information to the readers (we will check). We don’t accept affiliate links or those that redirect to other sites.
  6. Submitted with images – tutorial articles should contain accompanying images / screenshots of the steps the tutorial talks about. Theme lists and reviews should contain screenshots of the themes(s) you are discussing. All images should be at least 1000px wide. If you send us any additional images (stock photos, etc.), please provide evidence that you have usage rights for them.


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