How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

Double Line Space


Line spacing plays a significant role in the overall readability of an article. It is the space between lines or paragraphs. Most Word processors feature some sort of line spacing options and WordPress is no exception. Experienced WordPress users already know how to add line spaces but someone who is just starting out might need to understand how to change line spacing in WordPress Editor. If you are an absolute beginner with WordPress here is how you can change line spacing in WordPress.

Change Line Spacing in WordPress


There are mainly two ways to change line spacing in WordPress. The first way is to do it manually in which we use WordPress default options to add single or double line spaces in between posts and pages. The second way is to use a line spacing plugin to make the process simple. I will explain both the ways so you can use any one of them as per your need.

Mnually means using the default WordPress line spacing options. One can add a double line space or single line space manually in the WordPress editor.

Double Line Spacing

WordPress Block Editor gives the option to add double line space. To add a double line space anywhere in your posts or pages hit Enter and a new paragraph will be added. Most of you might be already adding double line spacing by hitting Enter.

Double Line Space

Single Line Spacing

Adding double line spacing is not a problem for many but adding a single line spacing is. There might be occasions like writing an address where single line spacing is much suitable than the double line spacing. To add a single line space in between posts and pages press Shift+Enter. Basically instead of pressing just enter you have to press Shift and Enter.

Single Line Space

Using A Plugin

If default line spacing in WordPress is not sufficient enough you should use a plugin to add line spacing. The plugin I suggest all of you use is named Spacer. It enables adding any number of line spacing so you can use them while writing posts in WordPress editor or designing pages. Follow the below steps to install and use the Spacer plugin.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, hover on Plugins, and tap on Add New.

Add New Plugin

Step 2: On the Add New Plugins page search for Spacer. Tap on Install and then activate.


Step 3: The spacer plugin will available under Settings, to access it hover or click on Settings and then tap on Spacer.

Spacer in Settings

Step 4: On the Spacer settings page you will land on the Default page. Make Adjustments as per your need.

Spacer Default

Step 5: To create new Spacers tap on Add Spacers and then New Spacer.

New Spacer

Step 6: Give a Title to the new Spacer and set default height, height unit, etc. and scroll down to save the changes.

Add New Spacers

Step 7: In order to add Spacer in your posts and pages search for Spacer in the WordPress Block Editor.

Spacer 1

Step 8: Once you will add Spacer in the Editor a line space will be added.

Spacer in WordPress Editor

Final Words

Line Spacing is required in WordPress and you can easily add them using the two ways I have explained above in the article. Add line spacing manually or use the Spacer plugin. I hope you will find this article useful. For more WordPress tips, tricks and tutorials keep visiting SiteGreat.

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