How to add a free Live Chat WordPress plugin?

A lot of customers face some problems making an order. They may doubt after reading even detailed product descriptions and want to ask some questions. You’d better have a special module that allows users to communicate with your company using the website.

Free Live Chat WordPress plugins are an effective instrument for doing it. For example, you can use live chat WordPress free called ‘’.

How to use chat for different channels?

Some customers need to be additionally stimulated to purchase the product. If you destroy their doubts, they will buy your goods. Effective systems of sales use live chats to communicate with customers. Why?

  1. WordPress live chat plugin free works as a feedback system. When you get feedback from your clients, you may improve your marketing strategy.
  2. Visitors get immediate support in real-time mode. They don’t need to wait for a response for a long time thanks to proactive chat.
  3. It increases the chance of making customers permanent.
  4. Chat widget reduces the quantity of orders that are not finished.
  5. It increases your SEO rating because visitors stay on your site longer.
  6. When you are offline, live chat transforms to an automated form for sending emails with feedback to generate clients.

This is an important part of customer service.

There are a lot of tasks that chatbox WordPress can do:

  1. Live chat is an instrument for holding customers on the website.
  2. Give an answer to a question quickly.
  3. Destroying doubts.
  4. Increasing the trust level of the client.
  5. Announcement of the sales and discounts.
  6. Creating the database of contacts of the customers.
  7. Exploring the prices of competitors.
  8. Collecting the reviews of clients.

Sounds like a universal solution that allows us to solve all the problems. But it’s only true if we do everything correctly. For example, adding greeting messages affects the conversion directly. And even WordPress’ free live chat plugin has all the necessary functions. Also, they can help to set up chat triggers.

Look at live chat canned responses examples by the link of proactive chat triggers description. This is an effective way to create a reacted chat.

How do greeting messages affect the conversion?

A greeting message is the first message that your customers see after the first interaction with your company using WordPress one-to-one chat plugin It may meet customers with your brand/product/services and motivate them to perform the next actions. Don’t underestimate the value of greetings to the chat because researchers say that:

  1. People who got the greeting message demonstrate 33% more interaction with the brand.
  2. A conversion coefficient is higher by 9 times.
  3. 320% more income greeting messages can bring to your company.

Naturally, these numbers can be different in your case. There are a lot of factors that affect the effectiveness of the marketing process.

This is important both for b2b and b2c business models.

How to add a chatbox to the site?

The great idea for the service for communication with clients via WordPress and different customer service software is It is very easy to add it to your website. Go to the WordPress Live chat plugin official site and read more about it.

Firstly, you need to find HTML code for live chat. To perform this action, go to your member area and find the Widgets page there.

Next, you need to choose the widget that you created previously. If you haven’t created it, you can do it at any time you want.

Open the installation tab that is placed on the Widget’s page.

Then all you need is to copy the HTML code. Find the block with HTML on the site and copy it using ctrl+c hotkeys. Publish the code on your CMS and use the live chat (WordPress Plugin) free.

And it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin or other customer experience platforms.

To sum up, without a chat widget we can’t imagine a holistic customer experience platform. Here you can read more about how to add Live Chat WordPress Plugin Free.

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