Best fix: wordpress theme not displaying correctly

WordPress is the most popular content management system. The one main reason for its popularity is the availability of a high no. of themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes available capable of creating any type of website you want. Usually installing a theme and setting up everything works well. But it’s not always the same. Sometimes users install a theme on their site and find that the WordPress theme is not displaying correctly. If you are also facing the same issue here in this article, I have provided some working ways to fix it.

 Fix: WordPress Theme Not Displaying Correctly

1. Check Whether You Have Installed the Demo Correctly

Most of the popular WordPress themes come with prebuilt layouts. Users just have to import the demo on their site to get the design within a few seconds. If the WordPress theme is not displaying correctly chances are you have not imported the demo correctly. Each theme needs to install some required plugin for a smooth import of demos.

Make sure you have installed and activated all the plugins that the theme is asking for. Now there are two main ways how demos are imported. Some themes provide a one-click demo import and others provide a .XML for the demo. So, depending on the theme you are using either import the demo with one click or look for the .XML file in the .zip file of the theme.

2. Set Your Homepage as Static Page

Now let’s suppose you have imported the demo properly, but the theme is not displaying correctly. It might be because you have imported the demo and all the pages are already available on your WordPress installation, but you haven’t set the homepage as a static page. You need to set your homepage as a static page. To do so follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to settings and then head over to Reading settings.

Step 3: The very first option there will be Your homepage displays. It might be set as your latest posts.

Step 4: Simply change it to Homepage and select the page which you want to show as homepage.

Once done visit your website and the homepage of the imported will be set as your homepage.

3. Check Plugin Conflict

There are over 55000 plugins in the WordPress repository alone. Each plugin is developed by different developers. It means not every plugin will be compatible with themes. If your WordPress theme is not displaying correctly, it might be because a plugin is having conflict. Now you don’t know which plugin is the culprit here. To detect that plugin, deactivate the installed plugins on your WordPress site and activate them back one by one. You will easily be able to find the plugin which was causing the issue.

Final Words

WordPress theme not displaying correctly is a common issue. It can be easily fixed by importing the demos correctly, setting the homepage as a static page, or by checking plugin conflict. Try the above ways and you will easily be able to fix the issue. Also, which fix worked for you? Do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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